Company number: VAT-0899.351.534, formed on October 1, 2008.

General conditions

All our offers are valid for 8 days, unless indicated otherwise.

All our invoices are payable within 30 days after the invoice date. Non-payment within this period will make the customer liable to an automatic (without notice) 5% or 20 € (whichever is greater) surcharge of the invoiced amount.
Additionally, the surcharge cost if continual non-payment is incurred will be subject to an additional annual increase of 10%. OLX retains ownership of the ordered products until full payment of the price. On receipt of full payment, ownership transfers in full to the customer.

Observations/comments/disagreements concerning the invoice or the detailed services it relates to should be reported in writing (e-mail will suffice) to us within 8 days of receipt of our invoice. Observations/comments/disagreements after this period will be deemed inadmissible by ourselves. Full or partial payment of the invoice constitutes a contract between ourselves and as such the customer will be liable to the full cost of the invoice, subject to the product meeting the required quality and price and the condition stated above.

The customer may not, completely or partially, resell or rent out products provided by OLX.

Disputes will be subject to negotiation, with final recourse to the Belgian law as administered by the Courts in Brussels.

For our GDPR conditions, we refer to the Dutch and French version of these general conditions

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